Studiotech has the ability to conceive the system which will correspond to your needs. You define your original configuration and we achieve together a solution which will perfectly fit your application.

Our team will permanently remain at your side and help you concerning equipment choice, give you all needed technical assistance and will take in charge the technical details.

Our experience and our working process tend to reach the same goal: delivering a complete system combining your budget and the material constraint.

We always assume a very high standard of quality in finishing the project combined with a great care for the details.

By choosing Studiotech as partner, you may feel sure about its quiet and without any concession achievement, always considering evolving solutions with an opening to the technology of the future.

Services offered to customers include:
  • Import, distribution and sales of professional audiovisual equipment
  • Advice to match customer requirements to product features
  • Design and installation of turnkey projects
  • Engineering, installation and dynamic after-sales service
  • Service and repairs in company workshop
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Spare parts given priority status
  • In-house training and helpdesk for all sales