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March 2021 • Chad
Studiotech Belgium responsible for digitisation


With its comprehensive experience of digitisation in Niger, Studiotech Belgium has been awarded the execution of the Chad DTT project in 2021. This new technological challenge includes design,  on-site installation and technical assistance.

This project includes 10 production and reporting systems for 10 regional TV stations and 10 regional FM Radio stations, a fibre optic transmission and reception system from the regional stations to several local stations.


Studiotech will renew 24 digital terrestrial tv network and transmission centres. Each equipped with a 24Kw DTT transmitter system and a C-band satellite reception system with a 2.4m Ø antenna and a DVBS/S2 decoder.


Studiotech will also create 6 new DTT and FM broadcast centres. Each centre will be equipped with a transmission shelter and a 60 metre pylon for the antenna system and 2kW DTT transmitters; a 60m pylon for the FM antenna system and 2kW FM transmitters; a system C-band satellite reception with 2.4m Ø antenna and DVBS / S2 decoder.


Studiotech has also provided a video production van with 10 HD cameras and DSNG transmission on a Mercedes Actros 3340 chassis, an Iveco production and radio transmission van with 300W FM transmitter and an Iveco energy vehicle with 100kVA group.


2021 • Production and Radio transmission van

2021 • Energy vehicle with 100kVA group

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