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Evertz’ Remote Production and DreamCatcher Live Editing Platforms win Best of Show awards at this year’s NAB Show.

May 11, 2017 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Evertz, the global leader in media and entertainment technology solutions, received two prestigious NewBay Best of Show Awards from TV Technology at the 2017 NAB show in Las Vegas.


Evertz won awards for its DreamCatcher Live Media and Production Suite’s latest addition, DC-LIVE-EDIT, along with its Remote Production solutions evREMOTE and 3606FR.


DC-LIVE-EDIT, a new DreamCatcher tool introduced at NAB 2017, is an advanced full featured non-linear editing tool for the DreamCatcher live production platform which allows for instant craft editing capabilities with render-free publishing. The DC-LIVE-EDIT software package features an intuitive interface with the added capability of being integrated directly into the DreamCatcher live production workflow.


The evREMOTE and 3606FR are sophisticated transport solutions ideal for remote production. The evREMOTE features 120Gbps switching capability with twelve (12) JPEG2000 encoders and decoders and support for a comprehensive range of signal types utilized in At Home productions.


The 3606FR enables simultaneous dark fiber and IP transport for the full range of video, audio, and data signals seen in the


broadcast/remote production environment. The 3606FR also provides flexible routing with a built-in 80x80 12G-SDI router, and effectively replaces multiple pieces of mobile equipment all in a 1RU form factor.


Remote production is a hardware intensive and cost-heavy activity for broadcasters. Both the evREMOTE and 3606FR leverage IP infrastructures and MAGNUM, unified facility control, to address the costly challenges for remote production. The evREMOTE and 3606FR provide simple and quick deployment with IP network connectivity to a centralized production hub to utilize production resources more efficiently.


“We’re excited to introduce these innovative solutions and look forward to how they can redefine the remote production workflow,” said Mo Goyal, Director of Product Marketing at Evertz. “We are honoured to have been awarded two NewBay Best of Show awards from TV Technology.”


The NewBay Best of Show Awards are selected by industry experts for notable design, features, cost efficiency and performance in serving professional users.

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