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The core business of Studiotech consists in the build up of radio and TV organisations. The ready to send signal can be transmitted in different ways. The main systems are fibre optics, broadcast transmitters, satellite uplinks/downlinks and wave links. Studiotech can realise and has achieved projects with all of these solutions.

In countries where the infrastructure is sufficiently developed, the easiest way to transfer signals is via fibre optics because the fibre allows very large streams of data to be managed due to its broadband pass. All broadcast world interfaces are available and can be configured easily.


The most common way to transmit a television or an FM programme remains a TV or FM transmitter associated with an omni-directional antenna system which is usually installed on a pylon.


Depending on the area to cover, we can recommend different types of antennas and different transmitter types with different power outputs.


The most developed method for transmission is satellite communication. It is used for fixed installations with fixed antennas as well as for ENG purposes making use of DSNG vehicles or fly-away systems.


Wave links allow coverage of distances up to 50 km or more in point-to-point configurations and transmission of pictures and sound from ENG cameras used in wireless configuration. The main advantage of this system is its mobility and ease of installation.

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