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The Broadcast world is changing as traditional linear television has to deal with other ways of media consumption. New platforms like internet and mobile television emerged and consumers want to have any content on any screen at any given time.

As a broadcast and media specialist, Studiotech recognizes and anticipates these market evolutions.


WebTV and IPTV Next to Evertz, as a complete solution provider for traditional IPTV systems, Studiotech has partnered up with Digital Rapids, a leading provider of professional hardware and software tools for bringing video to wider audiences and the latest viewing platforms.


Together with Digital Rapids, our solutions span the critical points in media workflows, including video ingest, encoding, transcoding, streaming and delivery. 


From standalone appliances to integrated enterprise and global workflows, we can help you increase your revenues, expand your audience, and reduce your costs.



Scalable, multi-format, high-performance hardware and software solutions for professional applications including post production, broadcast, IPTV, video on demand (VOD), mobile video, digital dailies, advertising, content protection, corporate marketing, training, education, web distribution, security and more.




WebTV and IPTV Flexible, scalable solutions for live encoding, streaming and archiving with hardware-based de-interlacing and noise reduction for industry-leading quality; ideal for live event streaming, TV over IP, webcasting, education, corporate presentations, surveillance and other professional applications. 




Solutions for fast, efficient digital delivery of HD, SD and Digital Cinema media and metadata between content providers, contributors and distribution partners over IP networks or satellites; plus software for transferring any type of data file securely, reliably, and with significant acceleration over standard delivery protocols.

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