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Studiotech is a major player in the field of integration and engineering of mobile audiovisual systems for television and radio.

In this sector, we benefit from long experience in the study, design and implementation of TV OB vans, radio OB vans, DSNG or even soundproof energy vehicles.


We combine know-how and experience with an advanced and innovative design which enables us to offer multiple solutions that are always conscious of the optimum quality/price ratio.


Our vehicles (OB vans, DSNG vehicles, etc.) are designed to include leading edge technological equipment that is high-tech, flexible, user-friendly and robust.


New ergonomic concepts are incorporated including; mosaic walls, multi-views on large screens, video servers coupled with shared storage, slow motion systems and live animation graphics, etc.


We always provide a very high quality finish combined with great attention to detail.


In choosing Studiotech as a partner to be responsible for your vehicles, you are guaranteeing the completion of your project in its entirety without any concessions in standards, always with well-thought-out solutions and a constant eye on the technology of the future.




The A DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) OB van is a quick response satellite news gathering system that comes equipped with extraordinarily complex and versatile technology.


The system communicates via an antenna on top of the van. Such systems have proved their worth in military use and align themselves automatically to the required direction, making the system ready to broadcast within ten minutes.


Material recorded by camcorders is relayed by a wireless transmission system to the editors working in the DSNG van who can cut the material ready to be broadcast with any professional editing software.


The complex workflow is further supported by the use of video processors, control panels, digital video and sound mixers, monitors, broadcasting playout monitors, wired and RF microphone systems, etc.


Stylish and ergonomical internal design:


- Design of the operating control panel with bench, sunk control panels, light steel racks

- Safe working conditions for tasks done standing on foot

- Heat and soundproof covering, antistatic floor

- Supporting perches on the outside (remotely controlled, hydraulic, warning signal, blocking system)

- Head units, triax cables, dolly and further supplementary devices can be integrated safely

- Storage space for cable reels and other devices (to avoid damage whilst travelling)

- Uniform appearance


In addition, Studiotech implements the entire technological infrastructure of the van:


- Built-in generator, providing power and an exhaust system

- Internal lighting and service lights (inside and outside)

- Electrical system with disconnector transformer and output stabilizer.

- Outside connector system for 230 V with proper safety mechanisms installed

- Heating and cooling air conditioning system with ventilator and shaft on the top of the van - capable of taking the heat off of the rack as well


An easy-to-use, automatically configurable, high performance, flexible and expandable system delivered to our customers.

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