After featuring an SNG OB van at IBC 2016, Studiotech Belgium is delivering a new SNG vehicle to RTL Belgium.

This Studiotech delight, structured on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis offers compactness, manoeuvrability, reduced weight, comfort and optimum ergonomics for the operators as well as a centralized control system including the new Studiotech SNGWizz software.

Energy optimization ensures complete operation with more than two hours of self-sufficiency on batteries. The additional presence of a generator allows an increased length of operating time.

The SNGWizz operating software, a significant innovation, was designed to support SNG operators in their daily tasks by centralizing all controls of the various integrated devices within a single interface.

SNGWizz can be used remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone. It also offers a pre-set concept to configure the entire SNG system from a single button, a must in today’s environment.

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