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Studiotech attaches particular importance to the ergonomic and aesthetic integration of features, peripherals and accessories. We use the standard equipment on the market as long as the performance, ergonomics and design match the criteria of the project. If that is not the case, our workshop mechanics and carpenters produce the prototypes or the furniture dedicated to the application and the architectural result expected.

Mechanical workshop


Creates prototype devices, tests and validates them. The production is carried out in an external sheet metal workshop with laser cutting, digital folding and various welding modes. Some standard mechanical parts are produced by digital turning.

Plates for simple or complex integration of terminations cut and laser-etched mechanically by electrolysis


• Special lifts for LCD screens, single or multiple projectors, for cameras with the ability to retract, in table or ceiling, equipment without use

• High-end production of complex tables, including circular, integrating many different techniques:

o    Multiple video projections, air conditioning, access lifts to video projectors

o    Simultaneous interpreting panels with tabletop retraction motor, even when not in use

o    Motorised encapsulated translucent screens for each sector of the tables

o    Flat non-protruding touch keyboards AZERTY, QWERTY

o    Control badge reader

o    Leather upholstery and overall finish

o    Construction of frames in folded sheet metal or tubes:

o    Fixed or removable frames for video wall mounts that comply with anti-seismic standards

o    Monitor chassis supports for TV sets and conference room booths

o    Support frames for parabolic antennas, air conditioners and accessories on roofs of TV transmission vans, reporting vans and OB vans

o    All supports, fixtures and 19” cabinets for the implementation in outdoor transmission vehicles

o    19'' rack cabinet enclosures for 19'' racks and cabinets


Supports for various uses

• Building materials:

o    Production by joists and metal trusses of HVAC plenum seating for conference rooms

o    Manufacture of brackets and ladders enabling the installation, in bulkhead, of absorbents and their acoustic finishing panels.

Carpentry workshop

Studiotech has an in-house carpentry workshop producing quality custom-made furniture. This workshop allows production flexibility for a single or multiple units, tailored to your needs and our plans. We guarantee ergonomics, aesthetics, functionality and an impeccable finish:

• Multimedia or radio control tables with perfect co-ordination of Studiotech know-how in mechanics and carpentry-cabinetmaking

• Radio studio tables with specific shapes and ergonomics

• Podium furniture for personalities in keeping with the aesthetics of the room

• Lectern in harmony with the room and furniture with all the techniques and amenities

• Furnishings or panels for the concealment of techniques

• Internal upholstery of TV OB vans and their control tables

• All furniture corresponding to your needs

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