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Studiotech Belgium puts its know-how at the service of the Republic of Senegal

The Belgian systems integrator is actively participating in the technological renewal of the Senegalese Radio/Television Broadcasting infrastructure in Dakar.

RTS1 and RTS2

This technological challenge covers the complete modernisation of two control rooms and two complete studios with new lighting for RTS1 Dakar as well as the renewal of equipment for two studios and a shared control room for RTS2.


Senegalese Television now has a new Master Control Room and Nodal comprising the Evertz EQX-10 hybrid video central matrix, new Evertz 3067VIPX multiviewers, intercom & KVM matrices, audio processors, Autocue prompting infrastructure, four 55'' video walls including one comprising 12 screens.


Notably Studiotech secured the power supply by UPS multiples of 30 and 60 KVA.


Studiotech Belgium has deployed a new Avid iNews and Graphics system for the production of news with integration of the PAM Interplay infrastructure and existing archiving.


This migration was carried out in record time by a joint task force of Studiotech and Avid personnel.


The infrastructure implemented is fully digital HD and AES. RTS1 Television and Radio are now centralised in a single Nodal enabling interconnection between the two institutions. The project is fully computerised, all equipment being configurable from administrator PCs to allow the optimum operating flexibility.

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