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DPGMedia VTM-Kids Onair with Evertz Mediator-X

On 18-05-2022 DPGMedia launched its first channel On-Air with the successor of Mediator-8.

Since Jan 2017 DPGMedia (Former Medialaan) has been Broadcasting all 6 channels 24/7 (recently rebranded to VTM, VTM2, VTM3, VTM4, VTM Gold & VTM Kids) with Evertz Mediator-8.

In November 2020 DPG signed a contract with Studiotech to build a completely new IP-2110 Playout Automation and Enterprise Grade MAM system in parallel with the existing system keeping trust in the Mediator software suite from Evertz.

The new system core is based on a virtualized DELL VXRAIL Core & Compute cluster architecture with Isilon Central Storage and Evertz Overture ORT Playout engines. Together with the DPG Playout and Broadcast IT teams the entire redundant IT infrastructure has been securely setup.

SDVN 2110 part consists of Evertz 3080IPX-128 Redundant Switching Fabrics, Evertz 570IPG Gateways and evMV-25G IP multi-viewers. All mounted in redundant Evertz EV6-FR frames complete with Evertz Scorpion Edge devices.


All Orchestration and monitoring are handled by Evertz Magnum, Vistalink, Insite & VUE intelligent Control interfaces.


Mediator-X drastically reduced the external peripheral devices and integrations required in the DPG Playout environment due to the implementation of most functionalities within the ORT Playout engines. All interaction with ORTs is managed by Mediator and VUE for Manual control in case of future business requirements.


Equipment delivery took place Jan-April 2021. DPG Teams worked closely together with the Evertz UK Project team during the Pandemic on installation, commissioning and customization of the solution.  The hard work and effort of both the DPG and Evertz UK Project teams led to success in passing SAT & UAT in April 2022.  Operators have been trained and involved in the final ‘look & feel’ of the UI’s based on satisfied experience with Mediator-8.



Launching the 1st channel On Air is a major milestone for DPGMedia and confirmed the trust in Studiotech & Evertz IP technologies.


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