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Do you need to share your resources and information, collaborate and interact globally? Studiotech designs and implements your communication spaces and conference rooms that evolve into decision-making spaces with global connectivity

With several years of multidisciplinary experience, our engineers analyse your needs and advise you. They develop your projects of communication spaces and conference rooms in accordance with your desiderata, your architectural, aesthetic and budgetary constraints.


We proactively integrate media and all modes of communication. From multimedia control to signal distribution, from large-screen projection or back projection to the monitoring of image walls of any technology, from simultaneous digital interpretation to electro-acoustic amplification, Studiotech studies and implements the most appropriate means to your needs, this in complete independence of the choice of supplies.


The convergence of computer network technologies, digital telecommunication of sound and high resolution image leads to the decentralisation of the conference room, the networking of the rooms and a great interactivity. The conference rooms thus become virtual communication spaces.


Our engineers study all the specific techniques necessary for the right development of your rooms: 2D and 3D acoustic calculations and simulations, lighting analysis, etc.


We are also responsible for all the studies and installations - as both at container and content level - including interior architecture, acoustic treatment, lighting, HVAC air conditioning, plenums and furniture. A turnkey solution at the service of the user, in harmony with the project ownership and the project management.

We provide the furniture dedicated to your communication spaces as well as the specific accessories made by us. A company carpenter designs and manufactures your custom made furniture with impeccable finishing.


We realise projects of conference spaces in the broad sense within prestigious institutions: national parliaments, university auditoriums and congress halls. We also equip respected hotels and digital cinemas, not forgetting the fields of application such as synoptic control of processes for industry and institutions, tele-education, etc.


Studiotech has acquired a national and international reputation for its creativity, its perfectly mastered technological anticipation, the ease of use of its solutions, its maintenance service, its remote management network and remote monitoring, its team of trainers for the benefit of users, the quality and the motivation of its teams of engineers and technicians.

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