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Studiotech carries out studies and measurements of insulation and acoustic correction of premises. To carry out these studies, Studiotech has adapted software and 2D and 3D computer simulation tools CATT Acoustic V9.1 as well as instrumentation of measurement class 1.

Environmental insulation

Studiotech has the skills and tools to calculate sound insulation for airborne noise, traffic noise, solid sound transmissions and parasitic transmissions. Our engineers determine the materials to be used in compliance with the EN ISO (RA and RA tr) standards as well as the regulations in force.

Studiotech also defines the strategies to be implemented:

  • Choice of constructive materials and techniques (R)

  • Determination of the means to reduce noise transfer by different technics (decoupling of floors, partitions etc by using floating slabs, elastic cuts with non-resilient materials, etc.)

  • Choice of equipment according to their sound emission spectrum levels and technologies. Definition of their implementations, decouplings and possible rollovers

  • Search for sound bridges, etc.

Acoustic Correction of Premises

Its purpose is to ensure their acoustic quality, their comfort of diffusion, listening and intelligibility.

We calculate and define the parameters to be implemented:

  • Wise calculation and dimensioning of shapes, surfaces and volumes


  • Determination and positioning of absorbent or reflective surfaces, porous materials (α Sabine), resonators, membranes, etc.

Results to achieve compliance with standards and best practices:

  • Sound emergence conforming to NR curves

  • Reverberation time Tr 60

  • Intelligibility expressed in RASTI, STI.

  • Clarity D50

  • Spatial decay

  • Positioning of speakers

  • Electro-acoustic illumination

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