Studiotech 3D char. generator

Studiotech 3D character generator offering uncompromised creation and playout capabilities from a single user interface.

Studiotech 3D character generator

Studiotech 3D Character Generator focuses on bringing ideas and designs to air easily and affordably. Powerful 3D real-time graphics rendering, smart graphic design tools and flexible playout capabilities are all packed together offering an efficient and easy workflow.


Studiotech 3D Character Generator employs a page based architecture that offers an easy and flexible way to create even the most complex 3D look. Building a 3D Character Generator page is simply done by combining 3D Character Generator primitives, live video input, video clips, Photoshop™ layers or 3D Collada files into the layer’s structure.

The user can even drStudiotech 3D character generatorag and drop images and RSS feeds directly from their Internet browser to the design window.

Through the easy to understand positioning, rotating and scaling tools, the elements can be laid out exactly the way the design requires.

With 3D Character Generator, multiple videos in formats such as Avi, Mpeg, QuickTime ™, and Windows Media clips can be played back as an integral part of the graphic scene.

The Studiotech 3D Character Generator offers a variety of ticker functionalities such as linking directly to an RSS feed and a fully featured business ticker option.


Playout can be performed by organizing items in a playlist, or using the playout controller panel for easy access to graphics in a random order. Each graphic item can be assigned to a different layer, allowing the playout of different graphic items simultaneously.

Studiotech 3D character generatorStudiotech 3D Character Generator integrates with newsroom systems using MOS protocol, ensuring proper usability in news environments.

It can be controlled by automation systems through industry standard protocols.

Work in your own language

3D Character Generator is available in a variety of languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Additional languages can be easily added. 3D Character Generator is based on a 100% Unicode compliant architecture and therefore allows you to work in almost all written languages.

New training concept

Studiotech 3D Character Generator offers a new type easy-to-follow, yet detailed online tutorial conducted by an on-screen guide, providing a clear overview of all the tools and actions that are available.

New powerful graphics engine with low cost of ownership

3D Character Generator’s new turnkey ready hardware platform is based on cutting edge technology from leading vendors. Its 2RU chassis is much more than just a PC in box. It is built to meet the requirements of today’s graphic designers and operators.

The box is available in an SD-only as well as an SD/HD switchable version supporting all SD and HD formats. 3D Character Generator is available in 2 different hardware configurations:
  • single channel, packed on a single 2U box
  • and dual channel (preview/program).
  • HD/SD switchable
  • Real-time 3D graphics creation environment
  • Video and clips as textures on any object
  • Sequential and random graphics play-back
  • Integrated with industry standard graphics formats, such as Photoshop™ and Collada
  • Integrated with a vast variety of data sources, including RSS feeds, MS Excel™ and SQL
  • Integrated with most automation and newsroom systems
  • Supports most written languages
  • Localized user interface in a variety languages
  • Graphics can be played back sequentially or via playback controller
  • Support for file based and live subtitling
  • Powerful ticker functionalities