Sony DWR-S01D62

Sony DWR-S01D62 Digital Dual Channel Receiver
(TV Ch 62, 63 & 64)
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Sony DWR-S01D62 (DWRS01D62, DWR-S01D) digital wireless radio microphone receiver (TV Ch 62, 63 & 64)

Sony DWR-S01D62 Digital Dual Channel Receiver

Sony DWR-S01D62 offers high-quality full-digital operation and enhanced system performance - a perfect match for high-quality ENG/EFP applications.

The system, which consists of the DWT-B01 beltpack transmitter and the DWR-S01D dual portable tuner, delivers excellent-quality wireless transmission of 24-bit/48-kHz digital audio.

Thanks to the Sony original codec, it realises low-latency, secure, and reliable operation.

In addition, the system allows for an increase of up to 60% in the number of simultaneous multi-channel operations compared to conventional analogue systems, which gives users enhanced system flexibility.

The slot-in receiver can be mounted directly into PDW-700 XDCAM HD 422 camcorders, providing 2ch wireless operation with unique wireless remote control of the digital wireless system from the viewfinder of the PDW-700 camera.

The DWR-S01D can also be mounted on existing cameras (or operated in a mixer bag) using the DWA-01D adapter, providing either AES3 digital audio or analog audio output. To assist in wireless system set-up, the receiver includes both clear channel and active channel scan functions.


  • Dual channel slot-in receiver for camcorders
    Two tuners in one body that improves the space and weight compared with other analogue systems. Two channel slot-in receiver is available in combination with XDCAM HD 422 and newer camcorders. The DWR-S01D can also be easily mounted onto HDCAM™/XDCAM®/Digital Betacam®/MPEG IMX® camcorders by use of the DWA-01D adaptor
  • Meta-data transport
    Transport of Meta-data from transmitter and receiver to Camcorder viewfinder to monitor RF condition, AF condition, Delay management etc.
  • Supports analogue or AES3 digital audio output
    DWR-S01D supports both digital audio interface and 2ch unbalanced analogue audio interface.
  • Weatherproof structure
    Mounting the DWR-S01D into a camera or with the optional DWA-01D wireless adapter and two supplied antennas, a weatherproof structure is obtained.
  • Versatile display using organic LED display
    A variety of information is obtained at a glance from the new OLED display panel, such as the reception channel, Audio and RF signal status, user name, user group, Lock etc.
  • Wireless remote control
    A duplex wireless remote control system is supported. The DWR-S01D is able to control the transmitter remotely, settings that are changed on the receiver are automatically sent and changed on the paired transmitter.
  • Wide operating frequency ranges
    The DWR-S01D can operate over a 24MHz frequency band (3 x TV Channels).
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