Small, professional Radio Studio Packages

Create a complete radio station with any ot the two studio packages!

Radio Studio Packages Studiotech

Optional Transmission Packages are also available for FM and Streaming Packages for internet broadcasters.
Radio Studio Packages Studiotech

StudioTech Radio Studio Packages are suitable perfect for:
  • Commercial Stations
  • Community Organisations
  • Internet Broadcasters
  • Training Facilities
  • Educational Organisations
  • Colleges and Universities

StudioTech Complete Radio Packages with:
  • Active Studio Monitor Speakers
  • Presenter’s Microphone with anglepoise arm and headphones
  • Mic Live Studio Indicator
  • Telephone Balancing Unit
  • Telephone Handset
  • Second Mic Live indicator for outside studio
  • Guest Mic with table top stand and headphones
  • Distribution Amplifier
  • Radio Broadcast Software
  • Second Guest Mic, stand and headphones
  • GPI/O Interface for remote control of playlists from the mixer
  • Studio Chairs
  • Acoustic Wall Panels Panels
  • Talks Tables for ‘Tech-op’ operation
  • Inputs for microphones, telephone, dual CD Player and PC
  • Separate input for CUE – listen in advance to PC audio
  • DUAL power supplies keep you on air at all times.
What else do you need?
  • a room (or even a van) for each studio package, ideally around 3.5m x 3.5m Radio Studio Packages Studiotechinternally, preferably air-conditioned
  • a single mains power supply to each studio (ideally fed from a UPS or know stable supply) with a good earth,
  • and a cable from the studio output to the transmission network.

StudioTech Transmission Packages
StudioTech offers a selection of FM transmitter packages of varying powers, providing different levels of coverage, with a Studio to Transmitter Link (STL) option for stations where studios and transmitters are not co-sited.
An internet streaming package is also available.

AEQ Phoenix Radio Studio Packages StudiotechAEQ Phoenix Mobile Codec is an IP audiocodec for portable use, absolutely compliant with the EBU-standard; developed to warranty the interoperatibility between equipments from different manufacturers, in professional quality audio contributions over IP networks.

Phoenix Mobile can manage two full-duplex channels simultaneously: program and coordination, using IP interface and one optional communication module. USB interface to external cell phone for GSM or 3G communications.