Digital Signage and Conference

Digital Signage and ConferenceDigital communication of today’s future calls Digital Signage. You cannot escape it. From presentation to interactive conference, from multimedia control to signal distribution, from big screen projection to video wall monitoring, Studiotech proposes it all.

Not only on public places like airports and commercial centres, where big screens keeps you informed about departure times or are flashing commercial messages. It might be as well the reception room of your company or organisation, where a display welcomes and informs visitors.

Even in case your requirement is for portable audiovisual technology, which can be used over and over again to meet the needs of various events, Studiotech can deliver.

Our portfolio of leading brands demonstrates everything from wireless microphones and digital intercoms, to multiple video projection onto large screens, lighting and display solutions.

Studiotech turns your meeting rooms into state-of-the-art conference rooms.

Digital Signage and Conference

Digital Signage in airport
Digital Signage and Conference

Digital Signage and Conference
Coordinating tasks across various work teams or individuals with Clear-Com intercom technology.

Live Performance
Digital Signage and ConferenceCommunication is crucial to delivering a successful show. Clear-Com has delivered market-proven intercom technologies to production crews in live performance venues such as concert halls, opera houses, sport arenas, and theatres.